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Rustic Shadow

Rustic Shadow

Latest series of 8ight images and this weeks theme…

Whatever! – Eight of 8ight

The New Year resolution is going well, I haven’t eaten any chocolate since last year!


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Dissimilar metals

Dissimilar metals

Macro 5 of 8ight

I’m beginning to realise that handheld macro is very hard. You need a tripod and manual focus is far better!

Especially with this tank like Tamron SP90 lens that will hunt around all day if you let it.

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Left in a field of forgotten dreams

Left in a field of forgotten dreams

The final image in this weeks 8ight  “GO WIDE” series.
All images taken with a Sigma 10-20mm lens.
The Ford Zephyr is the same car that kicked off this 8ight blog 96 images ago.

If it looks a little different that’s because a bush fire went through the paddock a few weeks back.
I have heard that the council are going to tidy up the place and remove the wreck to the dump.

Maybe I will have to rescue that chrome grill then as a memento to the past.
A time when dads religeously washed and polished their cars on a Sunday morning.

Ford, Vauxhall, Austin, Morris, Hillman, Rover, Triumph, Reliant Robin!

Nikon D200, Sigma 10-20mm @ 20mm, f11, 1/200sec, ISO 100

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Rust on the water tank

Friday, October 10th 3.20pm TODAY!

I didn’t have to travel too far today for this picture, just a step out of the back door and a walk around the garden with my D200.
Mind you even a walk around the shubbery up here can be as dangerous as trying to cross the M1 blindfolded! There are so many creatures, dangerous ones at that. The things that I have seen in our yard since we moved here.

Anyway for those amongst you that get their drinking water from the local reservoir, we get ours from the rainwater tank, courtesy of mother nature.
Crystal clear fresh tasting rainwater, fresh as anything you have ever tasted even taking into account the pair of Green Tree frogs that have taken up residence.
Heaven knows what they get up to in there.
It’s a good job we filter the water then!

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Left Behind

Left Behind