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Mellow Yellow

Yellow Bush

Latest series of 8ight images and this weeks theme…

Phone Camera Photography – Seven of 8ight

No not the US President! But a very unusual tree growing in the street. I have no idea what species it is, but it has beautiful yellow flowers and seed pods hung like a donkey.

I thought the outgoing President was very brave actually standing up to those two size ten projectiles the way that he did in Iraq.

Verrucaes, Bazookas?

Tongue in cheek?  The perpetrator, was he really a Journalist or did he sneaker in? Anyway the loafer certainly showed a lot of sole but was quickly brought to heel. I’m convinced that he was working alone because if he’d had any trainers they would have taught him how to throw straight but on this Moccasion he missed!
Mr. Bush showed great self control.
Obviously he was very pumped, but never once did he attempt to slingback the shoes?

Well I had better get down off my platform and flipflop off as a pair of large black Hummers has just pulled up outside.
So long as they don’t drag me off to boot hill.

Strange but true!

There is actually a “Congress shoe”

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Pull up a pew

Pull up a pew

Phone Camera Photography – Three of 8ight, & d fin art of txtN.

Street cred, I’ve got street cred, Incredible but sort of true.
I’ve had a yung dud visit my blog after he came across my phone camera pictures whilst Googling.
He must of thought that I was well versed in the fine art of texting too!

Youth of today. “LO how RU aftRnun eric”

Eric. “Excuse me?”

Youth of today. “I sed gud aftRnun eric”

Eric. “I beg your Pardon”

Youth of today. “You must be very old, I said good afternoon Eric.”
“ive Bin rEDN yor blog”

Eric. “Have you? Thanks mate er thnx M8”

YOT. “yor fotoz frm yor mob fone R v gud”

Eric. “A Fan! Cool, kewl!”

YOT. 😀 “n actual fat i wiL go furthr az 2 sA dat dey R wckd awesum rad & XLNT”

Eric. “Thanks for dropping in. By the way do you like my photographs?”

YOT. ” i hOp U dun mind me sAN dat U R not v gud o qix @ txtn  eric!”

Eric. “i git by 2 teL U d truth I find it aL a ltl pointless”

YOT. “datz a real shAm itz kewl 1ce U git Usd 2 it & a gr8 way to TLK”

YOT. “by d way yor websIt POMGONEWALKABOUT.COM iz awesum U R a v fune droll dud”

Eric. “thnx I hav wrkd v hard @ it & put a lot of f4t in2 it”

YOT. “weL Eric itz Bin nIs chattin bt I must dash as Ive got a D8 w a chk @ d pix shes luvlE  SX :-|| & ^4 it”
===[] === !!

Mrs Eric. “Who the bloody hell was that?”

Eric. “feckD f i knO stil itz not everyday dat som bod stops by & admires my fotos. kewl! :-)”