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Back to the future

Welcome to 1962

Film isn’t dead ll –  Seven of 8ight

Another image taken with the Agfa Isoly which by the way I have placed on ebay so please get bidding!!

I thought about this long and hard before deciding to sell as I love nostalgia but recently I went a little overboard buying five old film cameras so some have to go including the Camco.

The Olympus Trip I will be keeping for its simplicity and the great images that it produces. So too the Pracktica but as for the Yashica I have yet to decide. I love film but living where I do digital is more convenient.

Maybe the sales will help finance a Nikon Speedlight SB900!


852365 – 133

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The original Olympus Trip ' A real Gem of a camera'

The original Olympus Trip 'A real Gem of a camera'

Film isn’t dead ll – Five of 8ight

Today’s image in the series of pictures shot using cheap film cameras that I purchased on ebay was taken with the Olympus Trip.
The original shot on colour negative, scanned  and converted to Mono using Silver Efex Pro.

If it's good enough for David Bailey...

If it's good enough for David Bailey...

852365 – 129

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A Savannah walk

A Savannah walk

Film isn’t dead ll – One of 8ight

A few months back I had a series of 8ight called ‘Film isn’t dead.’
It showcased some cheap film cameras that I had purchased off ebay. They included an Olympus Trip, Camco 35, Agfa Isoly 1, Praktica MTL3 and a Yashica 35 electro.
Well I have finally finished shooting the film, had it processed and scanned the negs and slides.

Today’s image of the Savannah is one that was taken using a fairly basic old 120 Roll film camera, an Agfa Isoly 1.

Agfa Isoly 1

Agfa Isoly 1

It has a cheap plastic lens so what do you expect? Although with more practice I’m sure my results will only get better. Not to mention the scanning of the negs on my Epson V700.

Now theres an art in itself, trying to keep curling negs free from dust and fingerprints as they are loaded into the film holder!

Apart from nostalgic reasons I think I prefer shooting in digital Raw then converting to mono in Photoshop using Silver Efex Pro.

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Lead on

Lead on

After forty seven kilometres of driving on a very badly corrugated dirt track in 47 degree heat!

This sign was very welcome, so welcome that I even tried hugging the tree.

What a Trip!

In fact the picture was taken using an Olympus Trip, scanned then a  Lomo preset applied in Lightroom 2.

852365 – 067

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Savannah Storm brewing

Savannah Storm brewing

Another image taken with my Olympus Trip.

From film to digital via my Epson V700 scanner. A touch of levels and contrast adjustment in CS2 but not before applying a nifty Lightroom preset called ST Vergilbt Gilted.

852365 – 065

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"Who do you think you are, David Bailey"

Another week and so a new category for 8ight days a week
The category for the next 8ight days is ‘Film isn’t dead.’
I’ve been busy on ebay, far too busy in actual fact buying up a few old film cameras.
Judging by the rising prices I’m not the only one it would seem that wants a rest from digital.
But luckily there are still bargains to be had and $20 for an Olympus Trip, complete with a flashgun and a case is a snip. Just look at that lovely chrome.
I’ve just put my first film through it and this morning I got back the photo’s and negs. Watch this space.