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Posted in Glad to be Alive with tags , , , , , , , on August 6, 2008 by Dean
A good day for drying

A good day for drying

The smell of fresh clean washing, the sight of it billowing in the breeze against a bright crisp clear blue cobalt sky. You wouldn’t be dead for quids.
It’s the little things that trigger the memory, I’m instantly transported back in time through thousands of miles across continents and more years than I care to remember.
Back, back, safe to your childhood getting into a nice clean bed at night of crisp clean newly washed flannelette sheets. The smell of fresh air with just a hint of DAZ and Master Cutler smoke as it sped within earshot of the Great Central station. My Mam would curse the driver as soot threatened her toil.
Nothing matters. Safe and secure, all is well in my world.
From within my safe haven I can hear the TV downstairs.

Bugger! School tomorrow, double maths.