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852365 – 085

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Fig Tree

Fig Tree

Todays image from my Lomonisity series.

Lomonisity, I made that word up, do you think it might catch on?
Seems rather a strange thing to do, turn an image taken with a Pro lens on the end of a semi pro camera into a picture resembling that taken on a Russian Lomo camera.
I love the effect and one day hope to get a Lomo camera myself.

But for the moment I have to be content with a Lightroom preset.

The huge Fig tree in the picture is located on a Cattle Station in Far North Queensland.
I just love the way that the bottom branches appear to have been expertly trimmed. They are almost dead straight.

Capability Brown? I don’t think so!

The Gardener(s) in question were hungry Brahman cattle!


852365 – 083

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Close of Day

Close of Day

The end of another day at Cameron corner in NSW or is that Queensland, maybe South Australia even?

A Lomo preset in Lightroom 2 transforms an image taken on my now eight year old and almost obsolete Olympus C-3000z. This image was published full page in the 4WD Overlander magazine. I got a $100 head torch for my trouble. Cheapskates!

To think that back in Sydney’s Olympic year, this camera was state of the art.
3.3 mega pixels, an 8mb Smart media card. The exchange of $2000 and my film days were over…

Little did I know.

852365 – 082

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Go well go-Shell

Go well go-Shell

A box of slides.
Yesterdays memories cast aside all but forgotten, rescued just in time from the heat and dust of an Australian tin shed.
Its the year of the megapixel, but wait film is making a comeback.
Did it ever go away Pixel peepers?

Memory rewind.

Blue Skies, an Australia summer, stifled heat. Load the car.
Hot vinyl seats burn the skin, sit on a towel.
Cricket on the radio, England 432 for 1 !!
In your dreams.

Grab the Pentax, a roll of Kodachrome.
A Sunday afternoon drive to escape the rat race of Sydney.
Afternoon tea and fill er up please.

Go well go-Shell.

852365 – 081

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Sydney Harbour, the QEII and a hint of Lomo

Sydney Harbour, the QE2 and a hint of Lomo

I can’t really afford one of those Lomo camera’s I’m just a poor Nikon D200 owner.

So the next best thing is to scan some old Kodachrome slides taken on my Pentax SFX.
1986 The SFX had everything, auto focus zoom lens, a built in flash and motorwind. I even traded in my Canon A1 in part exchange!
Next import the slides into Lightroom 2 and apply a nice little Lomo Velva preset.

So the first image in the Lomo set of 8ight is Sydney Harbour taken around 1991.