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Go well go-Shell

Go well go-Shell

A box of slides.
Yesterdays memories cast aside all but forgotten, rescued just in time from the heat and dust of an Australian tin shed.
Its the year of the megapixel, but wait film is making a comeback.
Did it ever go away Pixel peepers?

Memory rewind.

Blue Skies, an Australia summer, stifled heat. Load the car.
Hot vinyl seats burn the skin, sit on a towel.
Cricket on the radio, England 432 for 1 !!
In your dreams.

Grab the Pentax, a roll of Kodachrome.
A Sunday afternoon drive to escape the rat race of Sydney.
Afternoon tea and fill er up please.

Go well go-Shell.


852365 – 072

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Douglas, Isle of Man TT 1985

Douglas, Isle of Man TT 1985

So we come to the final 8ight days of the ‘Film isn’t dead’ theme.

Hopefully I will soon have images to post that were taken with the old film camera’s that I have been showcasing here. But for the moment take a look at the image taken on my trusty old Canon A1 and a roll of Kodachrome 64.

This shot taken from the bedroom of the B&B on Douglas seafront that I was staying in during the 1985 Isle of Man TT. What a fantastic week and experience that was, hard to believe that it was 23 years ago!
I have to go back one day. Surely the TT must warrant a place in that book “1000 things to do before you die”