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Shipstones is off

Shipstones is off

Latest Series of 8ight images and this weeks theme…

Time Gentlemen Please – Two of 8ight

So it begins the final countdown to the end of my 365 blog.

The final and shortened series of 8ight begins and rather fittingly the theme is ‘Time Gentlemen Please’

So only three more posts to go before my 365 project comes to an end, then it’s back over to my blog at


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Full Steam Ahead

Series 1 Water Rover

Latest Series of 8ight images and this weeks theme…

England – Five of 8ight

I’m quite looking forward to the latest model four seater saloon for the nuclear family not to mention the aquatic white van version as I’ll have the whole M25 all to myself.

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Hot Chocolate Drinking Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Drinking Chocolate

Latest Series of 8ight images and this weeks theme…

Loughborough in the 80’s – Seven of 8ight

A new series of 8ight. Eight images captured on film in the 1980’s.

Today’s image is a winter scene from the bridge over the Grand Union Canal on Moore Lane. We locals! Still refer to it as the ‘Cookhouse Bridge’

Reminds me of a 60’s winter advert for Cadbury’s drinking chocolate.

As I type my fingers are sticking to the keyboard with sweat. It is about 40 degrees in the shade. Hot Chocolate! How about  cold beer.

To see the online exhibition in full then you are just a mere mouse click away. Please click HERE