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Shipstones is off

Shipstones is off

Latest Series of 8ight images and this weeks theme…

Time Gentlemen Please – Two of 8ight

So it begins the final countdown to the end of my 365 blog.

The final and shortened series of 8ight begins and rather fittingly the theme is ‘Time Gentlemen Please’

So only three more posts to go before my 365 project comes to an end, then it’s back over to my blog at


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A Message to Rudi

A Message to Rudi

Latest Series of 8ight images and this weeks theme…

Yesterday – Three of 8ight

Yesterday, Yesterday Oh my Yesterday!! I sat glued to SBS watching England go one up in the Ashes series. There’s nothing like a War, a Royal Wedding, World Cup or an Ashes series to unite the country is there? Never mind a cult hero like Freddie!

Up until that last wicket was taken I still didn’t write the Aussies off.
Ponting was given a hard time by the English fans during the test and rightly so. He always moans and calls us cheats when things aren’t quite going his way.
I was quite surprised then that he made no mention during his postmatch interview with Athers of the poor umpiring decisions that went against his side in the second innings. Personally I couldn’t care less! Having suffered for 20 years I’ll take a win anyway we can.
Bowl Underarm even?

Anyway thank you Rudi Koertzen for your help and with respect to that old Specials song from the 80’s…

A Message To Rudi

Stop your messing around
Better think of your future
That ball straightened right out
Creating problems in town

Rudi, a message to you
Rudi a message to you

Stop your fooling around
Ponting says not out
Better think of your future
Else you’ll wind up as a bail

Rudi, a message to you
Rudi, a message to you

Stop your messing around
Better think of your future
But the Poms thought it was out
Don’t let the Aussies get you down

Rudi, a message to you
Rudi, a message to you
Rudi, a message to you
Rudi, a message to you….


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Latest Series of 8ight images and this weeks theme…

Yesterday – One of 8ight

A new series of 8ight begins and the theme is Yesterday.

Yesterday I came up with this idea for a new series of eight images.
It’s all about yesterday.

Yesterday morning I walked down to the General Store that also doubles up as the Post Office. (We get mail three times a week)

But yesterday when I asked for my mail that I could see leaning on top of  the pigeon holeI I was told to come back on Monday due to the fact that on Saturday the Post Office is closed.

Yesterday I wasn’t very happy to be told that. I live in a small outback town for gods sake! Woopity Woop Woop located in the Savannah region of far north Queensland population 65 plus a few Utes, Pig Hunters, snakes and too many Grey Nomads.

Please give me my bloody mail that I can see within inches of your left earlobe all you have to do is reach out and hand it over. ” No sorry” Was the reply and I thought Coogee  Post Office was bad.

I went home and had a coffee.

In the afternoon I volunteered my services to help out the local Bush Fire Brigade with a bit of backburning around the town.

Yesterday was my first time ever as a bush fireman.

Yesterday I discovered just how hot the fires are and yesterday I discovered that when the wind changes fires can escape!

Yesterday I also discovered just how much rubbish and scrap is hidden amongst the grass that we had to burn off.

Just how many cars can a small town leave behind? Tyres, huge circular saw blades, shoes, bottles you name it’s all there or was!

Now as a Land Rover enthusiast I was thrilled to come across an old Series IIA but disheartened upon hearing that next day we were to burn that area.

So anyway later that evening I went armed with camera to take some pictures and a screwdriver to remove the front grill and the engine plates from the Series IIA.

Yesterday evening I watched day three of the Lords test match.

Luckily for me the whole series is being shown on a free to air channel called SBS. So even living up here in the middle of nowhere I don’t have to subscribe to pay TV to watch the Ashes.

Sadly my English brethren back home do and if you were to ask me what I thought of that I would say “That is bloody ridiculous” Don’t even ask me what I think of England playing a test match in Wales!!

Yesterday evening I was very happy beer in hand watching Australia bowled out for a little over 200 runs!!

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Great Shot Sir!

Beautifully Timed!

Latest Series of 8ight images and this weeks theme…

Miniature – Six of 8ight

I hope you have enjoyed the Shipping Forecast?
You rejoin us from Headingley just as a thunderous drive to the boundary for four by the English captain Andrew Strauss brings up his hundred.
The textbook perfectly well timed shot knocks Sir Geoffrey Boycott completely from his deckchair down by the sight screen.
I’m sure that the England Captain will be very well pleased with that one especially after the recent criticism he has faced in the press from Boycott himself.