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852365 – 144

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Quick Children hide!

Quick Children hide!

Latest series of 8ight images and this weeks theme…

Phone Camera Photography – Eight of 8ight

Please sir. Oh please sir I beg you, have a heart, it is Christmas after all.

I promise you that we’ll pay the rent in the new year, there’s  a recession on. My husbands lost his job and those presents weren’t cheap. We’ve blown Mr. Rudd’s handout like he suggested to help drive the economy up an all.

My little Johnny had is heart set on that Xbox and Katie will be most distraught if you take her iPhone away. How will she be able to chat to her mates three doors down if you do that?

Stand aside Lady!

I’m from the Gas Board, I’ve come to read your meter.


852365 – 103

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Hoss Cartwright

Hoss Cartwright

The penultimate image in the Silver Efex Pro series of 8ight.

Today’s image was taken at a recent horse sports event at a place called Einasleigh in Far North Queensland. Where over two days local riders young and old pitted their skills against each other thus showing off their horse riding prowess.

It all looked far too dangerous for me, and there were times when even the local ‘Bush nurse’ on duty didn’t dare look!
No worries mate. For around these parts, riding before learning to walk is the norm.
I couldn’t help but notice this gentle giant on his horse who reminded me so much of ‘Hoss Cartwright’ from the hit show ‘Bonanza. But that’s just me showing my age.

Ah Friday evenings. 1960’s all over again.
Watching Bonanza whilst eating Fish and chips from the chippy, brought home by dad on his pushbike.

Wrapped in newspaper of course.

The chips not my dad!

Here have a listen to the theme tune


852365 – 050

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Free to Go

Free to Go

Quite appropriate really! The 50th post in the series and the very first Land Rover that we purchased in 1998 the year of Land Rovers 50th anniversary.
But the less said about our Freelander the better. Although it did take us to the lands that lay far beyond the Westfield car parks and the beaches. Alas though, fault after fault and many battles with Land Rover later what did we do? Buy a Toyota? Buy a Nissan? No we took the only option available to us. We purchased a proper Land Rover.
A Defender!

But back in 1998….
As far as I was concerned cars had always been just a means of getting from A to B, so it’s hardly surprising that I had never been to a Motorshow before. But when I was offered through work, two free tickets to attend the 1998 show in Sydney, I thought well why not, it will make a nice change, a cheap day out!

I’d heard the stories of how people get totally carried away by the glamour of the show and end up buying a new car that they do not really need or more importantly can’t afford. Half naked models spread over the bonnet of a Ford Capri! “You know that you want me” Yes I can see just how easily it would be, but willpower that’s what’s required, a level head and plenty of willpower.

Ho-hum yep that’s a car, oh look there’s another one. Everything was fine until I came across the Land Rover stand with it’s huge green and gold oval lit neon. It was Rule Britannia with a slight German accent. Deep down something from within was stirring my Pommy heritage, small at first but growing bigger by the minute.
It was love at first sight from the moment that I first lay eyes on her, there she sat shiny and alluring, she smelt nice. The new Land Rover Freelander, I just knew that I had to have one. I had all the symptoms commonly known as “Motorshow disease”

The rest as they say is history

852365 – 007

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Ford Falcon ?

Ford Falcon ?

I didn’t have to travel too far this morning for this relic image as my neighbour has quite a collection rusting away on his property.
Close up it reminds me of an owl or bird of prey so I will call this one a Ford Falcon. Aussie’s call them Chook Tins apparently.

Fal(con) = bird = chicken = chook.

Con =container = tin

Gettit? But then they also refer to sandwiches as “Sangers!” Sausages are Snags and… I think we will leave it there.