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Come on in

Come on in

Q. When is a door not a door?

A. When it’s a jar!

But in this case when all the walls to the house have been eaten out by white ants.

The thing I like about the huge stations out here is that the history has just been left to fend for itself.

It’s all out there. Compared to the history of ancient castles in England, this history can easily be reached out and touched. The ghosts of the pioneers behind Australia will be back after lunch if you like.

Keep off the Grass, please don’t touch, Jobs worth museum attendants, white gloves, behind glass, no eating or drinks allowed. Need I go on?


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I thought our natural water had a funny taste and they reckon that  ‘Frogs’ make the best too.

Silly me of course they are referring to bottled Perriere made by frogs in France and not my rainwater that a frog has Pissed in!

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Take me to your Leader !

Take me to your Leader !

Today’s ‘Toy action’ photo features my Land Rover Defender whilst out on the mail run along the Strzelecki Track. Not really much use for a snorkel out there, the creeks are bone dry. But at least the engine is sucking in less dust from higher up!
The picture reminds me of a B Sci- Fi movie “Invasion of the body snatchers” or something like it?

I could be right because at the bottom of the Strzes in Lyndhurst there are the remains of a UFO!

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Little Weed

Little Weed

The fifth image in this weeks ‘Toy camera action series’
Not sure if it is a flower or just a common garden weed sprouting in the corner of our Far North Queensland yard?
Something stirred within my nostalgic memory and all of a sudden it is Loughborough 1964 and I’m sitting at home in front of the old black and white tele’ watching Bill and Ben the Flowerpot men!

“Helloo ickle weed!”

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A very Rattled snake

A very Rattled snake

No Rattle snakes here in Australia but sadly this one was very rattled when the rubber ran over it.
Even though one bite from this thing is enough to kill you, I have a strange fascination or admiration for them, from afar obviously! No way would I want to get too close, I mean 2km’s is just about enough thanks.

But I hate to see them dead on the roads especially when the driver has deliberately swerved to kill them on purpose. I’m sure they will get their comeuppance one day. But sadly not from this one.

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Big boys and their toys

The Flying Doctor comes to town. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it.

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The next train left 40 years ago

The next train left 40 years ago

I’m going on ebay to look for an old toy plastic camera! Mind you I wonder if there is a digital Lomo out yet?