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The Backburners

The Backburners

Wednesday October 8th 6.32pm TODAY!!!

The start of another 8ight days and so of course a new theme.
Drum Roll please!!!

This weeks theme is ‘Today’ The rule is that the picture has to have been taken today, the day of the posting.

I was lucky, today was a good day to be out with the camera, for there was excitement in the town. The local volunteers of the rural fire brigade are currently back burning. So I was invited to tag along with my camera.

I knew the shot that I was after, a heat haze with action.
The haze caused by the heat of the fire has created this lovely oil painting effect.
It’s all natural there’s no Photoshop effect here thank you!
The main character wearing jeans, running towards the fire truck holding the red torch makes the picture. They do say a picture is worth a thousand words and far better than to listen to me babbling on!