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The Black Headed Sawcut Parrot

The Black Headed Sawcut Parrot

Wednesday 15th October 6.25am TODAY!!

The early bird catches the er worm so they say.
I guess that I was just in the right place at the right time and lucky that I always pack a camera.

Twitchers will be flocking in from all over so keep it to yourselves.
I know you will because no one reads these posts.  But if you do then you will be privy to information on an extremely rare sighting of the Black Headed Sawcut Parrot. So named because it has a black head and a very large crown that resembles a circular saw blade. Amazing! It does in fact spin and cut.

With the increasing amount of deforestation in the world and thousands of birds losing their habitat and nesting sites this partuicular bird has no such problem. It simply puffs up it’s saw blade gives it a twirl with its claw and flies head down for the nearest concrete telegraph or power pole.

Once the dust has cleared, the bird has a perfect nesting spot. AMAZING!
Sadly the species is in decline due to Silicosis.

Latin name – Birdsaurusmakita.


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6 megapixel spellchecker

6 megapixel spellchecker


For your homework TODAY write out a hundred times
“I must lern how to spell Prosecute”

I must lern how to spell Prosecute
I must lern how to spell Prosecute
I must lern how to spell Prosecute
I must lern how to spell Prosecute
I must lern how to spell Prosecute
I must lern how to spell Prosecute
I must lern how to spell Prosecute
I must lern how to spell Prosecute
I must lern how to spell Prosecute
I must lern how to spell Prosecute
I must lern how to spell Prosecute
I must lern how to spell Prosecute
I must lern how to spell Prosecute
I must lern how to spell Prosecute
I must learn how to spell Prosecute
I must lern how to ……

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First Love

First Love

Monday October 13th, 5.13pm TODAY!!

In the English summer of 1978 I bought my then girlfriend a Praktica MTL5 for her birthday. It was a good move on my part as she introduced me to proper photography. Proper photography because this camera had a screw on lens and I came from a two up, two down , Box Brownie family.

Our relationship blossomed, we commandeered a spare bedroom at her parents house and er turned it into a darkroom. What else?

Sadly it all turned sour. She left me and took the Praktica with her.
I was heartbroken for I really missed that camera. What was I to do?
There was only one thing for it! A trip to see Mr. Moffatt at his shop in Baxtergate and buy myself a Canon AV1.

Over the years the AV1 was replaced by a A1, the A1 in turn replaced by a Pentax SFX. It had autofocus, a built in flash not to mention a motorwind. I still have it.

Digital on my part came along in 2000, Sydney’s Olympic year. Film was forgotten. Strewth nearly $2000 for a 3.3 mega pixel Olympus 3030Z.
Next came a Pentax istDS then a Nikon D200 and pro lenses. I had arrived. Now at least I know that if my pictures are crap it’s me not the camera.

They do say however that you never forget your first love.

I never have and today after a break of 27 years thanks to Ebay, my first love has returned.
The years have been kind she is in almost mint condition, better than the original.

A roll of HP5 for old times sake, a love rekindled.

Give that ebayer some extra positive feedback!
For the ex girlfriend I have some feedback for you too.


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OH&S Photogram

2008 OH&S friendly Photogram

Sunday 12.57pm,12th October 2008

Now then! Even in the ravaged ozone layer 21st century that we now find ourselves living in, I’m sure that the Occupational Health & Safety brigade would still permit the creative side of you to go out into the mid day sun and make a PHOTOGRAM the old fashioned way? You know what I’m talking about? Go outside, gather up a few seed pods or plants. Place them on a sheet of photo sensitive paper and let the sun weave its magic. Just remember the suncream and hat.

Well the mad dog known as Banjo and the Pommy did venture out into the midday sun to gather up a few seed pods but then came inside and scanned the photogram instead.

So here’s my effort, a few seed pods and leaves that I found in the yard, scanned via my Epson V700.

Apart from a few levels, curves and sharpening in CS3 the Photogram is straight off the scanner.

Can you see the almost perfect black arrow that mother nature has somehow carved into the brown leaf?

Writing this post has transported me back to the school holidays of an English summer almost 38 years ago. Christ that makes me feel old! I would have been nine.
Halycon days, an era long gone. Lost forever.
A time when the sudden appearance on the park or ‘Recky’ as it was known of a nattily dressed man in a suit and cravat approaching a group of young kids hardly raised an eyelid. I forget the gentlemans name, did I ever know? Maybe he lived on Empress road?
I do know for sure that the only thing that he wanted to expose to us kids were the sheets of photo paper that he carried in his breast pocket. This lovely old Gentleman RIP, taught us the simple joy of making photograms.
Maybe he also instilled in me then a simple love of photography?

NB. No melanomas were grown in the making of this post.

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London Calling to the faraway towns

Saturday morning, 11th October 2008, 9.20am TODAY!

Remote areas of Australia now in contact with the rest of the world at the touch of a button. Not far from where I live and just over a hundred years ago explorers would disappear and perish as they tried to tame this vast and largely unknown and unexplored land.
Only unknown to the white fella eh! You see the traditional owners had it sussed long ago.

When I first came here in 1990 I lived in Sydney and if I wanted to know how Leicester had got on I had to wait 5 days before the British Soccer weekly came out.

But now in the middle of the night under the sheets so as not to wake ‘The English nurse’ for the cost of  few cents I instantly know. Huddersfield Town 2 Leicester City 3!!

I can browse the web on a mobile phone.

Isn’t Technology amazing.

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Rust on the water tank

Friday, October 10th 3.20pm TODAY!

I didn’t have to travel too far today for this picture, just a step out of the back door and a walk around the garden with my D200.
Mind you even a walk around the shubbery up here can be as dangerous as trying to cross the M1 blindfolded! There are so many creatures, dangerous ones at that. The things that I have seen in our yard since we moved here.

Anyway for those amongst you that get their drinking water from the local reservoir, we get ours from the rainwater tank, courtesy of mother nature.
Crystal clear fresh tasting rainwater, fresh as anything you have ever tasted even taking into account the pair of Green Tree frogs that have taken up residence.
Heaven knows what they get up to in there.
It’s a good job we filter the water then!

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Out with the old, in with the new

Out with the old, in with the new

Thursday, October 9th, 705am TODAY!!!

The sun rising in the east heralds a new day in outback Savannah land. The aftermath of last nights backburn, acrid smoke in the cool air hits the back of the throat.
It’s the best time of day, most of the town is still sleeping and the weak sun still low in the sky, not yet reached its piercing heat of day.