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852365 – 008

Posted in Relics with tags , , on August 4, 2008 by Dean

Well 8ight days have passed and so we come to the end of the “Relics series” Tomorrow it all starts all over again but what will be the theme I wonder? The final relic is another Land Rover and a subject close to my own heart seeing as I drive one.

I've had a hard Life

I've had a hard Life

This one was spotted halfway along the Birdsville Track at a place called Mungerranie station. It appeared to be in good company, famous company at that. Resting alongside a truck belonging to the former iconic Mailman of the track “Tom Kruse”


852365 – 007

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Ford Falcon ?

Ford Falcon ?

I didn’t have to travel too far this morning for this relic image as my neighbour has quite a collection rusting away on his property.
Close up it reminds me of an owl or bird of prey so I will call this one a Ford Falcon. Aussie’s call them Chook Tins apparently.

Fal(con) = bird = chicken = chook.

Con =container = tin

Gettit? But then they also refer to sandwiches as “Sangers!” Sausages are Snags and… I think we will leave it there.

852365 – 006

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Left Behind

Left Behind

Posted in Relics with tags on August 1, 2008 by Dean
A Land (Rover) that time forgot?

A Land (Rover) that time forgot?

So there I was today out driving in the Queensland Savanna sunshine in my Land Rover 110 crossing creek beds, traversing red dirt against a backdrop of clear blue sky. Flocks of green budgerigars, kangaroos and ancient billabongs. Typically Australian and beautiful in it’s own right. But what’s this? An ancient Land Rover British through and through. My search was over for an image for today’s relic series.

There could be no other. The owner in his garden saw me snapping away with my camera and came over to have a chat. He appeared to be from Marlbro country, dressed like a cowboy, sucking on a cigarette from a black holder. I soon learnt that the Landie used to belong to his Father who brought it secondhand in the 1960’s. He used it to open up the Agate Gemfields just outside of town. Apparently that old truck once carried home a 340lb piece of Agate, that is now in a Queensland museum.

Many Land Rover enthusiasts have stopped to admire this beauty and many have offered to buy it, if not the truck then maybe the badge on the rear. The thought did cross my mind. All have failed. It is priceless.This Land Rover has a story to tell it would be a shame for it to be taken away and restored, I like it just the way it is.

852365 – 004

Posted in Relics with tags , on July 31, 2008 by Dean

As you can see? Some smart alec has scrawled Holden across the bonnet but is it? Maybe it’s a Ford.

To be honest I have no idea but answers on a postcard please….

Forgotten in a ghost town

Forgotten in a ghost town

One of my favourite places in Australia has to be the ghost town of Farina in Far North South Australia. It is here where this once showroom pristine car is now just a hulk of bullet ridden coachwork and rust.

Farina is amazing it’s as if the whole town just upped and left 50 years ago? Leaving their furniture and belongings behind. I even found what I thought were small skeletal animal limbs but it turns out they were the arms hands and fingers of tiny handcarved once loved wooden dolls.
I picked them touched them and put them back.

I love this Photoshop action that turns a modern day expensive digital SLR photo into resembling one that was taken using an old toy plastic camera. The same one that I obtained for two bob and six Bazooka Joe coupons?

Happy Days!

852365 – 003

Posted in Relics with tags , , on July 30, 2008 by Dean
Dodge City

Dodge Brothers

A Picture a day eight days a week, a different theme each week. This is the third image in the relic series. Relics. Old rusting cars and trucks left to rot and long forgotten. Maybe their owners have gone to that great garage in the sky?

This is a Dodge Brothers Truck. Age? Well apparently Dodge Brothers were purchased by Chrysler in 1930.
I spotted this rusting wreck sitting forlorn in a pub yard in a small Far North Queensland settlement whilst my partner a Frontier Services nurse was conducting a weekly clinic this afternoon.

Nursing patients back to health is one thing but this truck? It had a wooden windscreen frame, original badges and weeds growing through the floor.

852365 – 002

Posted in Relics with tags , on July 29, 2008 by Dean

This weeks theme is ‘Relics’ old cars left to rust and rot. Rust never sleeps isn’t that right Mr. Young?

Todays rusting hulk is a Vauxhall Velox and just what it is doing all the way out here is anyone’s guess but the roof has caved in so it could have been in a rollover? A fatality, even? But many years ago.

My reward for driving 25km out of town on what the Queensland government constitutes to what in their opinion is a road to take this picture was yet another stone chip in the window of the 110.
Those bloody Grey Nomads with their caravans and four wheel drives won’t slow down or move over for anyone. I mean they are actually retired, time to take it easy. So what their rush is heaven knows.
Heaven yes that’s it they are all running out of time.

Rust never sleeps

Rust never sleeps