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Phone Camera Photography – One of 8ight

My journey home from work is now but a walk of about 200 metres and pick a Mango on the way. But a few years ago it was a trek across Pyrmont Bridge, past Darling harbour and a bus ride from the Sydney CBD to the Eastern Suburbs.

Of course I saw my fair share of tourists and was asked to take many a picture whilst they posed against the city skyline, which I duly obliged.

Now please don’t call me a camera snob, as it’s not the cost of the equipment but the user. What I hate though with a passion! Is the way that at arms length a snap would be taken without even stopping.

Why I hate it I don’t know? Maybe it is due to the fast pace of life and people think they have less time.
Maybe I’m getting old and  begrudge the way that younger people can multitask these days?

”Here we are, it’s Monday. That’s Centrepoint tower ‘SNAP’ and move
along please.”

So anyway if you can’t beat them join them…

All I wanted was a mobile phone that can make and receive calls and a simple bell ring tone would be great, but that’s nigh impossible
Even the simplest one I could find can make toast and walk the dog (Of course at the same time, Sir!)

It even comes complete with a bloody camera.

Apparently the worlds largest camera manufacturer isn’t Nikon or Canon its Nokia! You can even purchase tripods to hold your phone camera!

So anyway as I said “If you can’t beat them join them.”

So at arms length and not even taking much notice of what I am shooting this weeks series of 8ight are pictures taken with my LG TU500 mobile phone.