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World Backpackers day

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Surprisingly during my recent trip to Cairns I didn’t see one English backpacker wearing a football shirt. Against all odds there were no Man U, Liverpool or Arsenal packers. Not even Oldham, and there is usually at least one in Australia at any one given time.

Actually it maybe a little too early in the season because at this time of the year they are usually esconced firmly in Coogee.

Up the City!


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Mid Strength

Mid Strength

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But full strength when it mattered eh boys?

Lest we forget

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A bustle of neon

A bustle of neon

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Step out into any city at night and neon is there. It serves to pull you in to that bar or restaurant, a seedy motel perhaps.
Whole books have been written on the subject. Neon signs that is, not seedy motels, but I’ve led a sheltered life. Maybe Madonna has written one perhaps?

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Stage left

Stage left

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Eric Cullen has left the building and taken the dog for a walk.

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All you can eat !

All you can eat !

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The neon sign for ‘Charlies Restaurant’ appears to be floating on air which is more than I can say for myself after digging into their ‘All you can eat smorgasboard’

I came out of that restaurant absolutely stuffed.

Okay, Okay a slight exaggeration but lets just say that I had sufficient food and far less than a whole family of slightly obese tourists from a country that won’t be named.
Except that history has been created in their recent Presidential elections.

Get in the lift with them! No way I’ll take the stairs thanks.
I had no choice.. The door wouldn’t close.

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It may be only a tiny pin prick to you

"A pint! That's very near an armful!"

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Classic lines from ‘Hancock’s half hour’ Tony Hancock a comic genius, not forgetting the script writers of course!

I feel like I have to go out and do what’s right, perform a patriotic duty and give blood. Either that or join the Young Conservatives, and I may be too old for that now.

In fact I’m stuffed!
Because I lived in England during the mad cow years and I’m not referring to Margaret Thatcher either, the Red Cross might not want my blood, too much red meat you see.

So it could be the local Table Tennis club after all.

Give Blood Here

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Definitely no Anchovies!

Definitely no Anchovies!

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I had to Google to check my spelling of ‘Anchovies’ astounding though the number of websites there are trying to persuade people to give them a second chance!
I did a few years ago in Sydney when due to a garbled phone conversation my “Large Supreme” thin and crusty came complete with the horrible salty little things!

After a long day at work I was starving and could have quite easily eaten a horse, but after one slice, I did try two, no way I was I eating those Anchovies!

They say they are an acquired taste, just the same as Moth Balls are, no doubt.

They tasted just as revolting as the first time they unfortunately ended up on my Pizza. That was when asked if I wanted them I said “Sure” because I thought they were a vegetable.
17 year old Culinary Heathen that I was!