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Posted in My old Town with tags , on September 29, 2008 by Dean
Streets of your town

Streets of your town

Round and round, up and down
Everyday I make my way
Through the streets of your town

Don’t the sun look good today?
But the rain is on it’s way
Watch the butcher shine his knives
And this town is full of battered wives.


I ride your river under the bridge
I take your boat out to the reach
Cos I love that engine roar
But I still don’t know what I’m here for.


They shut it down
They closed it down
They shut it down
They pulled it down.


To finish off 8ight days of photo’s of ‘My old town’ we have a song by an Aussies band called “The Go Betweens” Watch it here on YOUTUBE

It’s true! Every day I make my way through the streets of your town, my town.
Sadly it’s all in the mind.


852365 – 63

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Oi! No Cycling?

Where's the Parky?

Well obviously the old ‘Parky’ or groundsman who terrorised us as kids has long retired?
Strewth! If he ever caught us riding through the park on our bikes he would chase us for miles, and that was when we stuck to the path. Heaven forbid us if we were caught cycling on the grass!
Times have changed I guess.

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Posted in My old Town with tags , on September 27, 2008 by Dean
On a clear day you can see in front of your face

On a clear day you can see forever

This seat was presented to the citizens of Charnwood by Mrs Pepper in memory of her late husband Charlie.

Charlie ‘RIP’ liked nothing better in life than to come up here to enjoy the view and of course to escape his wife’s constant nagging.

Mrs Pepper hopes that you make good use of this seat just like this lovely old couple have.
She is sick with worry at the moment concerning a letter that she received in the post yesterday from those bureaucrats in Brussels.
They have threatened to remove her late husbands seat due it not conforming to a new European height standard.

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The Signal Box

The Signal Box

No trip home would be complete without a trip to the Great Central Railway now would it?

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Off down the town

Off down the town

A walk back in time to my old stomping ground. I remember this was quite a lucky street for me in around 1969 as I found a Ten bob note one morning in the gutter!
I blew it during a trip to Clemersons later that afternoon, buying an Airfix kit.

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Meet you inside

The Esoldo

Well I preferred The Odeon especially on a Saturday morning but then they turned it into a Bingo Hall!

So in no particular order…..

Jaws, , Superman, The Fog, Poltergeist, Quadrophenia, ET, Towering Inferno, Wish you were here, Song remains the same, Gremlins, Airport, Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Moonraker, The Spy Who Loved Me, Battle of Britain, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Rain Man, Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Star Wars, Carry on whatever? Confessions of a Window Cleaner, On the Buses.

Plus all the other hundreds that I can’t remember.

Okay, Okay so I admit that I used to nip to Derby to the megaplexes and as of March 1990 all my visits to the cinema were in Australia.

Last film seen at the Esoldo / Curzon / The Reel was during my last trip home at Christmas
“THe Golden Compass” I know, I know but the choice was limited!

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Lived here 1960-1982

Lived here 1960-1982

I was born in this street and spent 22 years of my life there.
Is it really 26 years since I left? A lot has happened since, married, divorced, emigrated to Australia, a job in TV.
But on my return for a holiday last year some of the old faces were still there and it was a comfort to see that Mr. Browns old shop is still going and the post box that we used to sit on is still there too.
Shame about those houses across the road though, I much prefer the factories of Herbert Morris.