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Mango Madness

Mango Madness

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Up here in the tropics there are rumblings in the air, it’s the beginning of the wet season.
The tourists have gone home and a quiet sets in.  They reckon that some people become a little more strange, if that is possible.
They call it “Mango Madness.”

Well all I know is that it’s the only place I have lived where I can pick a fresh Mango straight from the tree on my way home.

But not this one!


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Goodbye Tamron, our meeting was only brief.

I bought the Tamron SP90 272E but only a few weeks ago and yesterday exchanged it for a Nikon 60mm micro.

There was a fault with the lens in that auto focus would not work after switching back from manual, unless I gave the end of the lens a gentle push. The shop where I purchased it from agreed a full refund or an exchange. Turns out too that the Tamron 272E that I purchased wasn’t the latest model either and here’s me thinking that I had done my homework!  The latest version is marked Di II apparently and has an in built focus motor?
Too be honest I wasn’t happy with the manual / auto focus switch and the way that the lens will hunt forever so maybe our parting is for the best?

Anyway they were out of stock of the Tamron but had the Nikon 60mm.
So fingers crossed.

Watch this space

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Flobalobalob ickle weed

Flobalobalob ickle weed

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Watch with Mother, “Bill and Ben” Remember?
I’m referring to the 1960’s black and white original of course.
Actually I’m in the process of suing the BBC as I blame them for my speech impediment.
The more I think about it though was it Bill or was it Ben?

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Dissimilar metals

Dissimilar metals

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I’m beginning to realise that handheld macro is very hard. You need a tripod and manual focus is far better!

Especially with this tank like Tamron SP90 lens that will hunt around all day if you let it.

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So you think you’ve got a steady hand? Well try having a go at macro photography.

I agree with these macro sentiments entirely! What a talented lady.


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There’s a Green Tree frog that has taken up residence in our rainwater tank. It makes for an interesting taste to our drinking water. Acquired perhaps?

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Pupils Terrofied

Pupils Terrified

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Pupils left to fend for themselves on lonely outback road after School bus is attacked by mutant Trex.
Parents disgusted.

More to follow shortly.