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Posted in Lomonisity with tags , , , , , on October 16, 2008 by Dean
Sydney Harbour, the QEII and a hint of Lomo

Sydney Harbour, the QE2 and a hint of Lomo

I can’t really afford one of those Lomo camera’s I’m just a poor Nikon D200 owner.

So the next best thing is to scan some old Kodachrome slides taken on my Pentax SFX.
1986 The SFX had everything, auto focus zoom lens, a built in flash and motorwind. I even traded in my Canon A1 in part exchange!
Next import the slides into Lightroom 2 and apply a nice little Lomo Velva preset.

So the first image in the Lomo set of 8ight is Sydney Harbour taken around 1991.