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Posted in Intro with tags , , , , on July 28, 2008 by Dean

Welcome to my new blog 8ight Days a week.

Eight days a week “The Beatles”

Time goes real slow up here in FNQ It certainly feels as if they’ve slipped in an extra day somewhere?

The trouble is I really have too much time on my hands living up in the Savannah as we do here in far north Queensland. The English Nurse, well she has a job as a ‘RAN’ that’s remote area nurse by the way.

Living in a remote town 313 km from the nearest bookshop and decent newsagent just what is a bloke to do? Okay there’s the pub I guess. The dog needs walking, sure he does but I also need something else to occupy my mind as it is quite possible to go stir crazy!

I have a passion for writing and photography so to complement my home page POMGONEWALKABOUT and BLOG I have come up with a project to help keep me occupied and at the same time hopefully improve my photography.
A photo a day for eight days a week for the next fifty two weeks. Wow three hundred and sixty five days to go come rain or shine. Up here in the tropics during the wet season they tell me that there is plenty of rain!

So 852365

8 days of the week

52 weeks of the year

365 days for the next year

416 photographs of my choosing, whatever takes my fancy split into categories

I will split each week (that’s 8 days) if you hadn’t already forgotten into a category

I hereby declare 852365 open and to kick start the project off category number 1 will be Wrecks.