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Down the Gurgler

Down the Gurgler

Taken last week in the ladies toilets at Einsleigh in Far North Queensland.

Please don’t ask me what I was doing in the ladies toilets mind and with a camera!

My other half the bush nurse noticed this family of small frogs peering up at her out of the sink.

Is that all life is…. A life of imprisonment, the occasional splash of soap and water?

Still at least you are Glad to be alive!


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Russells Lookout

Russells Lookout

A final picture from our trip to Cobbald Gorge.
The 4.5km walk from the campground out to the lookout  is worth the effort when you get views like this.

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Sunday 10th August.

Cobbald Gorge

Cobbald Gorge

Well the wait for our gorge trip was worth it, the scenery fantastic.

The tour begin with a drive out over the mighty Robertson River, well it would be a mighty fine river during the wet season, but there wasn’t even a trickle. But what a sight it would be to see it during the wet season.

The trip down the gorge in a tourist adapted tinnie with electric motor so as not to spoil the peace and tranquility was a nice touch. You sit low down in the water with very small rails but that’s okay as the 3 metre long crocs basking on the banks are Freshies, not Salties and harmless, so I’m led to believe!

Dive in, go on make my day!

Dive in, go on make my day!

One lady on the tour, remarked that the crocs looked plastic, I suggested that she patted one to find out!

The guide conducting the tour has only been here since June, but with all his knowledge of the area, that included the flora and fauna, geology and the station you would be forgiven for thinking that he was a seasoned pro. Once out of the boat the tour finished up with a walk along the top of the gorge. A great place to watch the beautiful Savannah sunsets from, but alas a cold beer and dinner was calling back at the restaurant.

Tree line

Tree line

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In a Big country

In a Big country

Wot no posts for three days? As if anyone has noticed! Truth is we have been away for the weekend camping at Cobbald Gorge on Robin Hood station. A strange name, is there a Nottingham connection? A part from the English nurse. A cattle station the size of my home county Leicestershire, amazing scenery, no internet or mobile phone coverage which is absolutely fantastic apart from when you are eager to get the all important results. Forget the Olympics it’s all about the English League Division 1 and Leicester City v MK Dons. I would have to wait two days before I could even laugh at Derby County!

It is 18 years since I left for a new life down under and it still amazes me just how big these cattle stations are and just exactly what is on them. Ruins of old towns, gold mines and in the case of Robin Hood station a gorge that would put Cheddar and dare I say the Grand Canyon to shame.

Cobbald Gorge it’s off the beaten track, the roads are rough as but it was worth the 180km and filling jarring last 40km to see it.

The campsite was nearly full in fact it was like Trailer tent city with nearly every make and model on show.

Kimberley campers common as! Glad to say that ours was the only ‘Adventure Offroad’ one!

By the time that we arrived, Saturday lunchtime the trips to the gorge were fully booked so we would have to wait until Sunday afternoon. I hate organised tours and would love to see it for ourselves. Sadly it was not to be, but the wait would be well worth it.

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I've Pulled

A few weeks ago I posted on my other blog a story about the “Great Bowerbird” and how the male of the species or cock bird builds a bower to attract a mate. This picture was taken at the other end of town.

Well this afternoon whilst doing the washing up as you do! Looking through the kitchen window I spotted in our garden a male Great Bowerbird running under one of our bushes with a mouthful of twigs! Fantastic he was building a bower in our very own garden. Bugger the washing up I took my binoculars and lay on the sun lounger for the next hour and watched in amazement as he busied himself constructing a bower of twigs. He must have been at it for quite a few days as he had already finished the base and the two sides which were beginning to curve over into a roof that the designers of Wembley stadium would have been proud of.

Mother nature? A master builder, no lessons or Father to show them, how do they do it?

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The Silver Streak

The Silver Streak

Excitement in the town today waiting for the arrival of the SavannahLander on it’s weekly return trip from Cairns to nowhere and back again. Okay “Nowhere” happens to be the little town of Forsayth at the end of the line. It’s a nice place.
Today I decided to join in and play tourist.

I waited by the bridge to snap a photo of the train as it crossed over Elizabeth Creek just outside of Mount Surprise. Didn’t take long, no use hanging about, there’s no more trains today.

Walking back into town following the line, the sun beating down, hat pulled down, camera bag on my shoulder. My shadow and noise of boots in the dirt reminded of the many young Australian men that would have made this same walk throughout the bush.
1914, Australia’s finest walking briskly alongside the railway eager to join up and serve their country in a foreign land and a foreign war? Many didn’t return.

In memory of them all I had a pint in the pub whilst waiting for the 11.45am train to Einasleigh.
Empty glass just in time. No whistle or flag but I knew the train was soon to depart by the mob of Grey Nomads charging the platform. I Don’t know about those young Anzacs but I nearly fixed bayonets as I battled to get a seat on the train.

Two hours up the track my Bush nurse was holding a clinic I had arranged a lift home with her.
Only been here a few weeks so I’ve seen nearly all there is to see in Einasleigh but there is a very fine old bush pub. So in memory of those brave Anzacs who gave their lives, I had another beer and a meat pie and caught the Nissan Patrol home!

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A good day for drying

A good day for drying

The smell of fresh clean washing, the sight of it billowing in the breeze against a bright crisp clear blue cobalt sky. You wouldn’t be dead for quids.
It’s the little things that trigger the memory, I’m instantly transported back in time through thousands of miles across continents and more years than I care to remember.
Back, back, safe to your childhood getting into a nice clean bed at night of crisp clean newly washed flannelette sheets. The smell of fresh air with just a hint of DAZ and Master Cutler smoke as it sped within earshot of the Great Central station. My Mam would curse the driver as soot threatened her toil.
Nothing matters. Safe and secure, all is well in my world.
From within my safe haven I can hear the TV downstairs.

Bugger! School tomorrow, double maths.