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852365 – 072

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Douglas, Isle of Man TT 1985

Douglas, Isle of Man TT 1985

So we come to the final 8ight days of the ‘Film isn’t dead’ theme.

Hopefully I will soon have images to post that were taken with the old film camera’s that I have been showcasing here. But for the moment take a look at the image taken on my trusty old Canon A1 and a roll of Kodachrome 64.

This shot taken from the bedroom of the B&B on Douglas seafront that I was staying in during the 1985 Isle of Man TT. What a fantastic week and experience that was, hard to believe that it was 23 years ago!
I have to go back one day. Surely the TT must warrant a place in that book “1000 things to do before you die”


852365 – 071

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Pandanus Trees

Pandanus Trees

The joys of hybrid photography. Take a neg, scan it and voila!
Instant Lith print effects without getting your hands dirty thanks to Adobe Lightroom.

Another image from my Olympus Trip

Who do you think you are David Bailey!

852365 – 070

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Oh Dear!

Oh Dear!

I hope it doesn’t get out of hand! I only wanted an Olympus Trip to try my hand at film again.
But the Trip led to this rare Japanese Camco 35, that led to a Praktica MTL5 that in turn led to a Yashica Electro that in turn led to a Afga Isoly.

Still this ‘Camco AM’ only cost me $8.50 on ebay.
I thought my collecting days were over! So did my other half. But it isn’t as if any of my collection were expensive purchases. The postage cost more in some cases.
Still I can always sell it on as a working camera, once I have got the film developed to verify.
The vendor who sold it to me, did say that it was rare, maybe he was right as I can’t find anything at all about the manufacturer via Google.

It is quite heavy, it is a Camco AM 35mm and has made in Japan stamped on the chrome base.
The lens is a Terionon 1:3.5 45mm. The camera has shutters speeds Bulb, 1/25,50,100 and 200.
Aperature 3.5, 4 , 5.6, 8 and 16.

If anyone knows anything about these cameras then please drop me a line.

I hope soon to have 8ight days of nothing but images from these classic cameras.

For anyone interested in film photography, classic cameras and are intending to come to Far North Queensland for a holiday then this place is a must see.
Send the family to the Barrier Reef for a day or two as this place is far more interesting. Camera Musuem

852365 – 069

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Watch the Birdie!

They don’t make them like this no more, mores the pity! If only a camera manufacture would put a digital gubbings into a retro body? But then I doubt that it would capture the image the way that only an old film camera can  but more importantly the type of images that the ‘Toy camera‘ movement have come to love and adore.

There is a huge interest in toy cameras and I’m told that the hugely popular Diana camera is based on the Agfa Isoly shown above.
I purchased this one from Ebay for the exchange of $20.53 AUD and for that measly sum the camera came complete with a hard case, a flash gun, original box, flash case, instruction book and spare flash bulbs. Haven’t seen flash bulbs like this since the 1960’s, those as used in my dad’s Polaroid Swinger Land camera.

Agfa Isoly 1. Can’t wait to see the images it produces.

852365 – 068

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Out here we only get a mail delivery three days a week. Then we have to call in at the general store to pick it up, it’s a great idea and could catch on. So anyway look what arrived in the post today! A yashica Electro in exchange for $52 Aussie dollars off ebay, a birthday present.
It seems to be in working order and I have it on good authority that it takes photo’s on a par with those from a Leica? I only wish I could afford a Leica to find out for myself.

There seems to be a lot of interest in these Yashica’s so lots of useful information can be found online here at the Flickr group here at the Lomography website and from the Yashica Guy amongst others.

I have already read up a bit from the numerous forums about the battery not being available anymore and ways to get around it. There was a battery in the camera a ‘E164’ but it was almost dead, reading only 3.2v instead of 5.6v on my Fluke multimeter.
So here in the bush with no battery shops! We have to adapt.
What I found in my toolbox was an Energizer LR1 and three LR44 Engel fridge batteries.
I never drink and drive but when camping, the Engel keeps the beer cold. Don’t believe all you hear about ‘Poms’ Because this one Showers and hates warm beer! Especially when bush camping in his Land Rover Defender with his English nurse and Banjo the Lab.
Wrap these batteries in a tube made from the packaging from the LR44 and it is the exact height and diameter of the original.

A quick measure on the Fluke to confirm 6 volts and to check that I have them the right way round and pop them into the camera. I was impressed by my bush ingenuity even if I say so myself.

Lo and behold once in the camera pressing the ‘Battery check button’ lit up a lovely green led under the film counter dial. Opening and closing the iris of the lovely Yashinon lens lit up in turn the two over and under exposure warning leds.

So a quick clean, load a film and hang it on the Hills Hoist for a photo shoot.

Now all that remains is to shoot a roll of Slide film, post it off to the nearest processing lab wherever that may be and sit and wait and wait for the post.

Hmm, Maybe digital does have it’s advantages, especially when you live in a remote place like I do.

852365 – 067

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Savannah Storm brewing

Savannah Storm brewing

Another image taken with my Olympus Trip.

From film to digital via my Epson V700 scanner. A touch of levels and contrast adjustment in CS2 but not before applying a nifty Lightroom preset called ST Vergilbt Gilted.

852365 – 066

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Sunset sTRIP

Sunset sTRIP

Okay. I’ve just scanned the first film that I ran through my Olympus Trip, the camera that I got off ebay for the princely sum of $20AUD. Quite appropriate really post number 66 in this blog, Route 66 and the above image Sunset sTRIP. Get it? No? Oh please yourself.

A TRIP down memory lane.
A nice bit of Kodak Gold, 400ASA film. Pop it in the camera and snap away 24 times. All done? Next you pop it down to your your local chemists. In my case 220km away.
Leave the film with them and an hour later there you are sitting on a bench outside the chemists sorting through your photies.

It would seem that there is quite a following and love for the Olympus Trip judging by Flickr and the number of dedicated websites. In fact in a recent article that appeared in the Uk’s Daily Mail supplement the Trip was voted best buy and given 9/10 by Damien Demolder, editor of Amateur Photographer.
That may explain the recent price hike on ebay for these lovable old Cameras.
It has certainly put the fun back into photography and for the moment my D200 is back in the cupboard.

Get Yours Here

Don’t forget to visit my Pomgonewalkabout web site to read more of my stories and to see more of my photography. Why there is even free admission to an online exhibition of Loughborough images taken in the 1980’s before I emigrated downunder. Stories of Fun and adventure.