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852365 – 136

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Film isn’t dead ll – Eight of 8ight

The final picture in the ‘Film isn’t dead ll’ series.

Taken with the Camco 35 AM on Ilford FP4 with just a touch of tinting in Lightroom 2.

Yesterday I was telling you how I had decided to sell the Agfa and the Camco on Ebay. Well the auction for the Agfa was going very well with brisk bids of $56 and counting. Until that is Ebay stepped in and accused me of violating their listings policy! They removed my item.

Apparently I am not allowed to put in the title of the listing multiple brand names. Such as Agfa Isoly 1, Lomo, Diana, Holga.

Well according to some Diana enthusiasts the Agfa Isoly 1 is the camera that the original Diana is based.

I did amend and resubmit the listing, then thought better of it.

Stuff them, stubborn is my middle name.

I have decided to keep the Agfa after all.


852365 – 135

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Back to the future

Welcome to 1962

Film isn’t dead ll –  Seven of 8ight

Another image taken with the Agfa Isoly which by the way I have placed on ebay so please get bidding!!

I thought about this long and hard before deciding to sell as I love nostalgia but recently I went a little overboard buying five old film cameras so some have to go including the Camco.

The Olympus Trip I will be keeping for its simplicity and the great images that it produces. So too the Pracktica but as for the Yashica I have yet to decide. I love film but living where I do digital is more convenient.

Maybe the sales will help finance a Nikon Speedlight SB900!

852365 – 134

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Running to the timetable - Once a week

Running to the timetable - Once a week!

Film isn’t dead ll – Six of 8ight

Another image shot on the Yashica Electro.

The Savannahlander train pulling out of Mount Surprise station.
For those interested in trains and time to spare then the four day return trip, running weekly from Cairns to Forsayth, is well recommended.
The scenery is fantastic and the beer is cold as there are some wonderful stops at bush hotels. A sort of outback pub crawl if you like.


852365 – 133

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The original Olympus Trip ' A real Gem of a camera'

The original Olympus Trip 'A real Gem of a camera'

Film isn’t dead ll – Five of 8ight

Today’s image in the series of pictures shot using cheap film cameras that I purchased on ebay was taken with the Olympus Trip.
The original shot on colour negative, scanned  and converted to Mono using Silver Efex Pro.

If it's good enough for David Bailey...

If it's good enough for David Bailey...

852365 – 132

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Walkies and a bath

Walkies and a bath

Film isn’t dead ll – Four of 8ight

It was a girlfriend of mine at the time who introduced me to photography all those years ago, 1977 actually.
Before I met her the only camera that I had used was a Kodak Brownie and a cheap plastic camera that I obtained in exchange for sending away some Bazooka Joe coupons. Oh I almost forgot the trick squirting water camera from Butlins Filey. But hey this girl was a real pro! Sorry I’ll rephrase that. She was an expert with an SLR as she was taking photography as a CSE at school, she even had a picture published in Amateur Photographer.
For her 16th birthday I went to see Mr. Moffatt, the local camera dealer on Baxtergate in Loughborough and brought her a Praktica MTL5.
Love was in the air!
A few years later she dumped me. I was heartbroken as I really missed that camera!
Anyway here we are thirty years on, or at least here I am.
I have a Praktica MTL5 again complete with Pentacon lens in mint condition. Add a roll of HP5 and I am 16 all over, apart from the hips giving me some jip.

First Love

First Love

852365 – 131

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Savannah Sunset

Savannah Sunset

Film isn’t dead ll – Three of 8ight

Todays image taken using a Yashica 35 Electro.

There is quite a bit of interest with these cameras on the web, and even a whole Flickr group devoted to them. They do say the images they produce rival that of a Leica, but don’t believe everything you read on the net! Still I was quite pleased to pick my copy up from Ebay for only $38AUD. It is a beautiful thing and was in excellant nick when it arrived, complete with ever ready case.

Bargains on ebay!

Bargains on ebay!

852365 – 130

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The Hub

Local News

Film isn’t dead ll – Two of 8ight

The second image of the series, this one taken on an obscure 35mm camera by a Japanese manufacturer it is a ‘Camco 35 AM.’ Now I can’t find anything about it on the web, although I seem to recall that the exact camera was manufactured under a different name. Anyway it appears to take a decent picture, with a roll of FP4.

Camco AM 35

Camco AM 35