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Oh Mr. Beeching

Oh Mr. Beeching

I may have already mentioned that I was born within bedroom window rattling distance of the Loughborough Great Central Railway line?
As a nipper, pre school years playing in our backyard you could hear the trains come hurtling through the station.
Some days during his lunch break or on a Sunday, our Dad would take my brother and me round the lane to what we called “The Boards.”
It was just a long nondescript boarded fence enclosing Loughborough Central Railway. But as a mere youngster peering through the gaps was another world. Far better than the programmes on our Black and White tele’.
Through the gaps in the fence you could watch the trains but Dad would lift us up and sit us on his shoulders for a better view.

Then they closed it down.

The Great Central Railway “Oh Mr. Beeching what have you done?” Well looking back maybe you did Loughborough a huge big favour by closing down the line because the preserved track has certainly put the town on the map and increased tourism to the area. Not only that each time I visit home I am able to relive my childhood.


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Up, up and away

Flicking through a copy of a magazine called ‘Black and White Photography’ the other day, I noticed an article by a certain Eamonn McCabe.
It was a blast from the past for me as about 26 years ago I had a copy of his book titled “Sports Photographer.” Now Mr. McCabe was an award winning sports photographer. He was the man and I wanted to be just like him and of course I could because I had a Canon A1, Canon 300mm f5.6 and a very cheap Vivitar 2x converter. I didn’t need a Canon 600mm f4 because I couldn’t afford one!

Anyway most weekends in the mid 1980’s I could be seen practising at being the next Eamonn McCabe by attending many of the local sporting events. Whether it was at the local University following Union, Lacrosse and Athletics or at the Trent Bridge Tests. I was there.
I even went to the Isle of Man TT races in 1985. By the way if you have a list of things to do before you die, make sure that the TT races is on the list. I definitely want to go back there one day.

I remember during 1987, A mate who worked for a local photo agency managed to get me a press pass to see my team, Leicester play Spurs in a midweek match under floodlights at White Hart Lane. I was able to sit behind the goal near the touchline, it was a fantastic experience but unfortunately it was also a total disaster. None of my pictures came out!
My mate the expert! Told me to shoot manual with my lens wide open. The negs when developed where completely burnt out.
But that was okay. The real disaster was that City lost 5-0! Not only that but Alan Smith had just been sold to Spurs chief rivals, Arsenal.
Leicester were eventually relegated.

I never did become the next Eamonn Mc Cabe, but I did emigrate to Australia instead.

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From the Dark Side

From the Dark Side

Wow, I forgot that I took this picture.
Back in 1982 I think it was, I happened to look up at the full moon, just in time to see an RAF plane from the local base fly across. You can even see the craters.

Okay I lie! Over the years badly stored, something has got to my negatives and left a moon light crater effect over them.
This is what the image looked liked after scanning the neg on my Epson V700 scanner.

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Added to my Wish List

Added to my Wish List

Another picture from the archives.
Don’t know why but I’ve always fancied owning a BSA motorbike. This one would be perfect I reckon for riding around the station tracks, exploring the area armed with nothing more than my camera.
I mean it comes to something when the local school kids all have motorbikes and I only have a humble push bike!

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Gimme Shelter

Gimme Shelter

Beacon hill, Charnwood Forest near Loughborough.
It brings back happy 1960’s memories of Sunday afternoon family outings in a red Austin 1100.
Grandma in the back. Flying kites, flasks of tea, ham and tomato sandwiches, Mr. Kipling makes exceeding good cakes!
Views over Loughborough, on a clear day you can see forever.
In my mind I am up there now on top of Beacon Hill. The sun is shining, the sky is blue.
I can easily see with the naked eye the Carillon, but I am looking even further in to the distance.

Forty four years into the distance, past.

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On me ead son!

On me ead Son!

I could have been a professional footballer, I could have been the next Peter Osgood, I could have been George Best, except George Best, well he was George Best.
I had a trial once for North Leicestershire, my county. The two goals that I scored and my prowess in front of goal ensured me a second chance. But sadly I came a cropper, out of favour with the coach. “Thanks but no thanks Lad, sorry.”
Maybe it was due to the Sheffield United shirt they gave me to wear. Didn’t they know that I was Blue through and through, C’mon Chelsea!

Luckily in 1974 then aged 13, I saw the light.
“We luv you Leicester we do” League 1 or not. It’s Leicester til I die.

Sadly my football career was over before it began. Girls came a calling. Unless of course the Charnwood Sunday League counts!

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Loughborough Midland

Loughborough Midland

Last Christmas was the first time in 9 years that I had been home to Loughcaster so of course I noticed a few changes around the place. My first impressions were how narrow some of the roads and streets were in the town. I made a quick mental note to replace underpants and give the school on Beacon road? A wide berth, especially during pickup and drop off darling time. With cars parked on either side of the road, it seems that parents just aim for the middle and don’t stop until they come out the other side. Another change? Well looking rather sad and empty on Baxtergate was Mr. Moffatt’s old shop. With no disrespect to other camera shops, you just don’t get that kind of service anymore. It was the way that he took the camera from the shelf offered it up to you as if it was the Holy Grail and repeated the make and model. You knew, he knew that the money was already in the till.
I remember the night when I took this picture down at the Midland station. A trainspotter came up to me all excited because when he saw me with my tripod and camera, he thought that something special was coming through?
No, sorry. Only an Express Football special returning to Leeds. It ain’t stopping, they lost.
So I suggest you take cover!