852365 – 084

The Boundary Riders timesheet

The Boundary Riders timesheet

The Boundary Riders lot, fixing holes in the dog fence.

Gizza job I could do that, I’d loved to do that.

Go on “Gizza Job”

Driving hundreds of kilometres along a fence in yer 4WD looking for holes to mend, surely it would send you crazy?
But think about it. No colleagues to annoy you, only you and the wildlife for company. The heat and flies by day, camping out under the stars each night.

The boundary riders each have their own section of fence to patrol, they might never see the bloke working the next section. It is a long fence after all, longer than the “Great Wall of China”
To prove they have completed their patrol, the boundary riders leave a tag on a fence post where the sections meet.

There are three tags on this post at Corner Country for it is here where the three states of NSW, QLD and SA meet up.

My story of the Dog Fence can be found here on my website…

Don’t forget to visit my Pomgonewalkabout web site to read more of my stories and to see more of my photography. Why there is even free admission to an online exhibition of Loughborough images taken in the 1980’s before I emigrated downunder. – Stories of Fun and adventure.


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