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The Black Headed Sawcut Parrot

The Black Headed Sawcut Parrot

Wednesday 15th October 6.25am TODAY!!

The early bird catches the er worm so they say.
I guess that I was just in the right place at the right time and lucky that I always pack a camera.

Twitchers will be flocking in from all over so keep it to yourselves.
I know you will because no one reads these posts.  But if you do then you will be privy to information on an extremely rare sighting of the Black Headed Sawcut Parrot. So named because it has a black head and a very large crown that resembles a circular saw blade. Amazing! It does in fact spin and cut.

With the increasing amount of deforestation in the world and thousands of birds losing their habitat and nesting sites this partuicular bird has no such problem. It simply puffs up it’s saw blade gives it a twirl with its claw and flies head down for the nearest concrete telegraph or power pole.

Once the dust has cleared, the bird has a perfect nesting spot. AMAZING!
Sadly the species is in decline due to Silicosis.

Latin name – Birdsaurusmakita.


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