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First Love

First Love

Monday October 13th, 5.13pm TODAY!!

In the English summer of 1978 I bought my then girlfriend a Praktica MTL5 for her birthday. It was a good move on my part as she introduced me to proper photography. Proper photography because this camera had a screw on lens and I came from a two up, two down , Box Brownie family.

Our relationship blossomed, we commandeered a spare bedroom at her parents house and er turned it into a darkroom. What else?

Sadly it all turned sour. She left me and took the Praktica with her.
I was heartbroken for I really missed that camera. What was I to do?
There was only one thing for it! A trip to see Mr. Moffatt at his shop in Baxtergate and buy myself a Canon AV1.

Over the years the AV1 was replaced by a A1, the A1 in turn replaced by a Pentax SFX. It had autofocus, a built in flash not to mention a motorwind. I still have it.

Digital on my part came along in 2000, Sydney’s Olympic year. Film was forgotten. Strewth nearly $2000 for a 3.3 mega pixel Olympus 3030Z.
Next came a Pentax istDS then a Nikon D200 and pro lenses. I had arrived. Now at least I know that if my pictures are crap it’s me not the camera.

They do say however that you never forget your first love.

I never have and today after a break of 27 years thanks to Ebay, my first love has returned.
The years have been kind she is in almost mint condition, better than the original.

A roll of HP5 for old times sake, a love rekindled.

Give that ebayer some extra positive feedback!
For the ex girlfriend I have some feedback for you too.



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