852365 – 076

London Calling to the faraway towns

Saturday morning, 11th October 2008, 9.20am TODAY!

Remote areas of Australia now in contact with the rest of the world at the touch of a button. Not far from where I live and just over a hundred years ago explorers would disappear and perish as they tried to tame this vast and largely unknown and unexplored land.
Only unknown to the white fella eh! You see the traditional owners had it sussed long ago.

When I first came here in 1990 I lived in Sydney and if I wanted to know how Leicester had got on I had to wait 5 days before the British Soccer weekly came out.

But now in the middle of the night under the sheets so as not to wake ‘The English nurse’ for the cost of  few cents I instantly know. Huddersfield Town 2 Leicester City 3!!

I can browse the web on a mobile phone.

Isn’t Technology amazing.


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