852365 – 014

Sunday 10th August.

Cobbald Gorge

Cobbald Gorge

Well the wait for our gorge trip was worth it, the scenery fantastic.

The tour begin with a drive out over the mighty Robertson River, well it would be a mighty fine river during the wet season, but there wasn’t even a trickle. But what a sight it would be to see it during the wet season.

The trip down the gorge in a tourist adapted tinnie with electric motor so as not to spoil the peace and tranquility was a nice touch. You sit low down in the water with very small rails but that’s okay as the 3 metre long crocs basking on the banks are Freshies, not Salties and harmless, so I’m led to believe!

Dive in, go on make my day!

Dive in, go on make my day!

One lady on the tour, remarked that the crocs looked plastic, I suggested that she patted one to find out!

The guide conducting the tour has only been here since June, but with all his knowledge of the area, that included the flora and fauna, geology and the station you would be forgiven for thinking that he was a seasoned pro. Once out of the boat the tour finished up with a walk along the top of the gorge. A great place to watch the beautiful Savannah sunsets from, but alas a cold beer and dinner was calling back at the restaurant.

Tree line

Tree line


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