852365 – 013

In a Big country

In a Big country

Wot no posts for three days? As if anyone has noticed! Truth is we have been away for the weekend camping at Cobbald Gorge on Robin Hood station. A strange name, is there a Nottingham connection? A part from the English nurse. A cattle station the size of my home county Leicestershire, amazing scenery, no internet or mobile phone coverage which is absolutely fantastic apart from when you are eager to get the all important results. Forget the Olympics it’s all about the English League Division 1 and Leicester City v MK Dons. I would have to wait two days before I could even laugh at Derby County!

It is 18 years since I left for a new life down under and it still amazes me just how big these cattle stations are and just exactly what is on them. Ruins of old towns, gold mines and in the case of Robin Hood station a gorge that would put Cheddar and dare I say the Grand Canyon to shame.

Cobbald Gorge it’s off the beaten track, the roads are rough as but it was worth the 180km and filling jarring last 40km to see it.

The campsite was nearly full in fact it was like Trailer tent city with nearly every make and model on show.

Kimberley campers common as! Glad to say that ours was the only ‘Adventure Offroad’ one!

By the time that we arrived, Saturday lunchtime the trips to the gorge were fully booked so we would have to wait until Sunday afternoon. I hate organised tours and would love to see it for ourselves. Sadly it was not to be, but the wait would be well worth it.


One Response to “852365 – 013”

  1. Mel Hoskin Says:

    I was searching the internet this morning for information about the Robin Hood Station and found your blog about it. Just wanting to see if you could give me any information/advise about the station and the area.

    My partner and I live in the Noosa Hinterland in Kin Kin, and are escaping shortly to find a simpler life. We have 2 options being handed to us, 200 acres and a house in Kingaroy or a possible job (my mums friends family owns robin hood) at the Cattle Station up north…We have only travelled as far as Rockhampton, so im sure it will be a HUGE change, but I have some friends in Kowanyama and Gove and Humpty Doo that are preparing us for the shock wave 🙂

    Anyway, any information you could share with us would be fabulous!!! Good luck on your travels, the few blogs I read this morning are excellent!

    Mel & Jimmy

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