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The Silver Streak

The Silver Streak

Excitement in the town today waiting for the arrival of the SavannahLander on it’s weekly return trip from Cairns to nowhere and back again. Okay “Nowhere” happens to be the little town of Forsayth at the end of the line. It’s a nice place.
Today I decided to join in and play tourist.

I waited by the bridge to snap a photo of the train as it crossed over Elizabeth Creek just outside of Mount Surprise. Didn’t take long, no use hanging about, there’s no more trains today.

Walking back into town following the line, the sun beating down, hat pulled down, camera bag on my shoulder. My shadow and noise of boots in the dirt reminded of the many young Australian men that would have made this same walk throughout the bush.
1914, Australia’s finest walking briskly alongside the railway eager to join up and serve their country in a foreign land and a foreign war? Many didn’t return.

In memory of them all I had a pint in the pub whilst waiting for the 11.45am train to Einasleigh.
Empty glass just in time. No whistle or flag but I knew the train was soon to depart by the mob of Grey Nomads charging the platform. I Don’t know about those young Anzacs but I nearly fixed bayonets as I battled to get a seat on the train.

Two hours up the track my Bush nurse was holding a clinic I had arranged a lift home with her.
Only been here a few weeks so I’ve seen nearly all there is to see in Einasleigh but there is a very fine old bush pub. So in memory of those brave Anzacs who gave their lives, I had another beer and a meat pie and caught the Nissan Patrol home!


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